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School Fundraiser for Stefanie

This is Stefanie. She is a life-long resident of Newark, NJ and attended public elementary schools in the Roseville section. Last year, the leadership of SIFH Global partnered with ParolEd to College and Newark Public Schools to bring a transformative, life-altering, narrative-changing college access pilot to at-promise students enrolled in Talent Development Academy at East Side High School. That is where Sandi, Andrea and Xenia (Jane) met Stefanie and became acquainted with her extraordinary intellect and indomitable spirit. Stefanie worked hard to graduate on time despite a significant credit deficit, participated in college orientation visits and even completed one course at Rutgers University with her cohort through the program last Spring.  Stefanie is currently beginning her first semester at Essex County College where she plans to study Journalism through a social justice lens. She wants to change the world and help people. 

Earlier this week, we discovered an unexpected and (as yet) unexplained gap in Stefanie's financial aid funding. While her first thought was to give up, Stefanie used the skills she acquired through the program and advised us immediately. She also remembered a promise that we made to the cohort - as long as they stayed in school we would find a way to help them and would be there until they grew tired of us. 

Stefanie continued to attend classes every day even without books or any assurance that tuition would be resolved. We are so proud of her!

The SIFH Global sisterhood is running an emergency fundraiser to ensure that Stefanie gets her books immediately and can continue this semester. Our fundraising goal is $2,500. We will provide an accounting of all expenditures to donors and roll over excess funds, if any, to pay for renting books next semester. 

We are humbled by the attention and love you have all shown our scholar. Sandi, Andrea and I all know Stefanie personally (see the last photo of Stefanie with Andrea from this morning) and are committed to supporting her through this semester and her entire college journey.

With deepest gratitude,

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